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Deployment and development of Microsoft applications

Data Sciences

Bussines Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning

WEB Development

Development of customized applications online

Design and UI

Development of Intelligent Templates

Microsoft Applications

What is POWER BI?

Power BI is a business analytics solution that can display your data and share information about your organization or incorporation into your application or website. Connect to data sources and streamline your data with dashboards and live reports.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a set of smart business applications that help you run your entire business and get better results through predictive and AI-driven insights.

Available Modules:
Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)
Dynamics 365 Marketing
Dynamics 365 Customer Service
Dynamics 355 Field Service
Dynamics 365 RH
Dynamics 355 ERP

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an ever-growing set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It is the freedom to create, manage and deploy applications on a huge global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

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Power BI for you

For TI

For TI

Simplify management, achieve compliance, and keep data secure by giving people access to the insights they need.

For analysts

For analysts

Fast data shift for insights and action. Connect to hundreds of sources, prepare data with ease, and create beautiful reports in minutes.

For developers

For developers

Bring your applications to life using data. Easily insert interactive data views and generate engaging, high-fidelity reports on any device.